Fall Hair Trends with Extensions & Hairpieces

Onyx Hair Salon Stylist, Stephanie McDonald is highly skilled and creative in hair extensions. She provides an experience so luxurious and enjoyable you won’t want it to end. Her instinct and ability help her to interpret and translate her client’s wishes into eye-catching reality.

Below, Stephanie discusses this fall’s hottest accessory, hair extensions.

Increasing in popularity, many women are finding just how versatile hair extensions can be. They’re a great way to update a short hair style quickly, creating an entirely new look in a short period of time. For those who want to grow out a shorter style, hair extensions are a fantastic way to eliminate the “between styles” looks that nobody looks forward to. In addition, hair extensions let you experiment with a lot of different looks and styles without the need for any major changes.

One great thing about hair extensions is that they let you have the best of both worlds. Halle Berry uses them to change her look, while still being able to keep and enjoy her signature short style and its easy maintenance. But hair extensions aren’t just temporary—they can become a permanent part of your overall look, too. Today’s hair extensions are made from real human hair, so they can be cut, colored and styled just like your real hair, making them seem like a part of your natural hair, not just an addition to it.

More and more women are enjoying the fullness and length of hair extensions, without needing to wait months for their hair to grow. They come in all colors and lengths, so they can be used to add length to short or medium hair, as well as thickness to fine or thin hair. Whether you want to transform your tresses into long, loose waves or you want to add trendy braids and a pony to short hair, hair extensions are a simple solution.

The process of bonding, braiding, or weaving today’s hair extensions into your real hair is safe and easy, which is one of the reasons celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion and Nicole Richie have been seen sporting hair extensions. With proper removal, they leave natural hair healthy and damage-free, while giving women the versatility they’ve always wanted in hairstyles … without the limitations of natural hair.

Onyx Hair Salon stylists are experienced in applying hair extensions and can help you find the right extensions for your hair and your budget. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get today’s hot new looks without the wait. Book your appointment today by calling 650.347.4737.