Cut & Style

Between your work calendar, hustling at the gym and scrambling to meet the girls for dinner, who has time to stress about their hair? Our stylists ensure you will have a meticulously-constructed foundation to work with, which allows you to easily style your hair at home. Soon enough, you’ll spend less time and energy making the most of your mane!

We begin each appointment with a thorough consultation and take into account your lifestyle, at-home styling routine, the texture of your hair and what look will best enhance your features. Our expert stylists then utilize this information, and their inventive cutting and styling abilities, to design the final look you are sure to love.

Women's Haircut*Prices starting from
New Talent$62-$65
Signature Stylist$66-$77
Senior Stylist$82-$88
Master Stylist$90-$95
hair cut services onyx burlingame
Men's Haircut*Prices starting from
New Talent$40-$45
Signature Stylist$50-$55
Senior Stylist$55-$60
Master Stylist$60-$75
Blowdry*Prices starting from
New Talent$45
Signature Stylist$50
Senior Stylist$55
Master Stylist$60
Up-do*Prices starting from
New Talent$70+
Signature Stylist$75+
Senior Stylist$90+
Master Stylist$100+